About Us

What we do:
We create documentary and advocacy films that are aimed at inspiring audiences and impacting change.

We produce our own work.

We also look to collaborate with organizations, artists, producers, and individuals to create meaningful pieces that bring attention and momentum to important issues.

Mirrors and Hammers was created after twelve-year cinematographer Lauretta Prevost was exposed to events unfolding at Standing Rock, North Dakota, where indigenous communities and climate activists gathered in solidarity to demonstrate against the construction of a crude oil pipeline.  Lauretta found the personal efforts occurring at Standing Rock inspiring, and she found the lack of US media coverage dangerous.  Joined by rotating filmmakers and volunteers, Lauretta founded Mirrors and Hammers with the intention of increasing media coverage of the specific events and the larger environmental, racial, and colonial issues at play, believing that increased media attention would be of benefit.  For four months, Mirrors and Hammers based on site and released video and written coverage of Standing Rock through Al Jazeera, Democracy Now!, The Real News Network, Oceti Sakowin Camp Media, and independently.  Their work has appeared in numerous documentaries, including an award-winning feature in the US Documentary Competition at the Sundance 2017 Film Festival.

Mirrors and Hammers believes strongly in creating quality and cinematic work that can impact change, especially in areas of social justice and environmental importance.