About Us

We are living on land at the primary camp, where hundreds are occupying ground and praying.  We are honored to have trusted access to key players.  Our primary filmmaker has over a decade experience as a documentarian and cinematographer.  

We are searching for outlets for video material, interviews, photography, and written articles.

More than 280 indigenous tribes and their allies have come together to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. This crude oil pipeline is about to pass through sacred indigenous sites and beneath the Missouri River, the primary water source for the Standing Rock Reservation.  Many believe that if there is a future break in the pipeline, water for seventeen million Americans could be polluted.

This is a complicated issue with roots in the fossil fuel debate, climate change, environmental racism, colonialism.  In our experience the demonstrations have been peaceful and prayerful.  In our experience police response to the demonstrations has become increasingly militarized and aggressive.